Every time that the oven door opens, carefully and with respect of the right times,
it is always a great emotion !

The precious manufactured products must be entrusted to the heat at least for one day and one night
to fix their colors for ever.

This is part of the charm of the ceramic art:
even the best painter can't know the final result of his own creation after the oven worked!

Each time, artistic skill and chemistry melt together to work at the birth of a new and unique piece.
Besides, the shape and the pattern can be controlled with technical and artistic skills.

"Ceramiche Sara" gives this mission to the reliable hands and to the creativity of masters
of the sector, who are able to respond to the most demanding customers' needs.

Starting from a shapeless and ancient material, that is the gray and sad clay,
they can give emotions through shapes and colors of daily objects as well as big works,
such as table tops or tiles compositions,
following your personal needs.

The raw materials used by the "Ceramiche Sara" Art Workshop guarantee an excellent
quality of products that will show their beauty along the years!