Nobody can tell the real date of birth of this firm that is grown up together with the talent and the creativity of its founder,
Osvaldo Santoriello.
He was still a boy when Osvaldo was looking for his first time with passion and firm belief at the handicraft's world and particularly at the difficult art of lathe work by attending actively the little workshops scattered through the winding roads of the Divine Coast.

Finally he started his own activity since the 60's by opening an art workshop attended also by famous painters who were experimenting with new techniques. Using dedication and patience he handed down his knowledge to his family.

Even today this is the heart of the workshop called "Ceramiche Sara" together with excellent painting masters who help for producing real masterpieces, original creations that draw the attention of clients coming from all over the world.

This is a family business that appears today in the web world trying to reach all the people who have not yet passed through Via Costiera Amalfitana 14 in Vietri sul Mare (SA) - Italy and also to keep in contact with the loyal customers who can see by this window the last creations of the workshop...

Today "Ceramiche Sara" want to keep satisfying the wishes of its international customers in respect of the ancient local tradition, having simplicity and skill as its own strengths.

It is like building a bridge between old traditions and new technologies!
The wisdom of the moving with the times !


Buca Positano